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Government Jobs in India And Benefits

Benefits with Government Jobs in India

 It is a dream of every individual to get recruited in the government sector or government jobs in india according to their merit and qualification in order to have fixed and secure source of income.  Several excellent job opportunities are offered to students across the different professional arenas to absorb the students of different streams. Government jobs in india is  preferred by Indian youth due to security benefits and prestige. People engaged in the government jobs in india are entitled of several benefits like job security, fixed yearly increment, salary evenness, good chances of promotion, different allowances,  and different leaves facility. The uncertainty and instability found in the private jobs are the major cause behind the youth getting away from the private sector jobs, as today everyone wants to have a safe and secure life as far as job is concerned.

It is a fact that interview procedures of government jobs in india are quite stringent and it is hard to crack but the youth who defies the odds and come out with success is the real winner of life. It is only after the hard work and determination that one enjoys the taste of success. However, government jobs in india or government jobs are not usually high paying jobs as a pay structure is defined for each and every level of all the departments and employees working at same level of a department are entitled of same salary irrespective of their merit and talent. But as far as other benefits and facilities are concerned, government jobs in india is a much better option compared to private sector jobs. Employees of government sector organization have a fixed working hours of eight hours and generally they are not require to stretch beyond their normal schedule.

Government jobs in india does not poses great stress and strain on employees as it is the case with the private sector jobs, where the employees have to deliver the assigned work within a limited time frame. The most significant and vital benefit associated with government jobs in india is the benefit of employee's pension after the retirement. Under this benefit all the employees of the government job are entitled a fixed percentage of their salary as pension after their retirement from the job. The biggest problem lies in finding a suitable government job according to one merit and qualifications. However, this problem can be sorted out to a great extent by online searching as there are several government job portal that provide information about the upcoming vacancies across the different organizations of government sector. This has further inspired and attracted youths to look for the vacancy in government sectors.
Also, with the increasing awareness of the need for proper communication, the demand for the highly qualified and talented work force is required in the media world today. To have a safe and a secured career growth, most of the students, prefer going for media jobs in government sector only, from the very starting of their career. There are entrances at all India levels, like ones conducted by UPSC, which allows the candidates to find a place for themselves in one of the prestigious government organisations. Ministry of Information and Broadcasting is the department, which handles the functioning of all the media related work of the government sector. Few of the most important media organisations in the country, under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, in which the candidate can aim for a job, after clearing entrances at all India level, are mentioned below:
1.)    Press Information Bureau
2.)    All India Radio
3.)    National Film Development Cooperation
4.)    Prasar Bharati
5.)    Publications Division
6.)    Directorate of Film Festivals
7.)    Registrar of Newspapers of India
8.)    Directorate of Advertising and Visual Publicity
9.)    Press Council of India
10.)  Directorate of Field Publicity
11.)  Internet Protocol Division
12.)  National Film Archive of India
13.)  Children's Film Society

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